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Church of God 7th Day

Meets each Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

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Church of God 7th Day

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P.O. Box 357

Merlin, OR 97532


Ralph Orton, Pastor

Telephone: 541-479-2440


Pastorís Statement

The Church of God 7th Day in Grants Pass exists to share the joy of fellowship through mutual support as members of the one church, which is the body of Christ. I invite you to join us as we acknowledge God, praise Him, love Him, learn His desires for each member of the congregation, act upon His desires as led by His Holy Spirit, and obey Him. I believe there is a need to actively reach out and serve God by serving His people and all people everywhere. I believe there is no better time than now and no better place than here, wherever here and now may be. I believe we need to stand together in unity and faith lest we stumble and no one is there to help us up. I believe God is calling you to fellowship and I believe you will find it with us.




Last revised: Date March 16, 2018