Are You on a Pilgrimage?


Definition of Pilgrimage: A journey to a sacred place. A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose.

Today we will look at one of the many lessons Jesus had taught his Disciples about. We know that in Chapter 5 of Matthew and the next few chapters are called the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was focusing his lessons not for the general populace, but for his Disciples as we can see right from the start in Matthew 5:1-2. Jesus right from the start begins to tell them the spiritual walk that draws us closer and closer to him and his Father. Each verse seems to point to a particular step, which we do and will face as we draw closer to God as we begin to grow in His Family. So let us look at each step that Jesus was showing his Disciples that day on the mount.

Verse 3 We are first poor in spirit, for we are not right with God. We become blessed for we have come to see our spiritual lacking and we want to draw closer to Him.

Verse 4 When we realize and repent of our wicked ways our spirit mourns for our past transgressions against. He comforts us for He sees in our hearts and knows we are truly repentant.

Verse 5 We become humble and not prideful (we do not try to justify our past mistakes) before God and we turn our lives over to His will.

Verse 6 As we begin to draw closer to God our spirit hungers and thirsts for more truth, revelations, anointing, etc. from God.

Verse 7 As we continue to draw even closer, our spirit feels sorrowful and caring for we want others to have what we have and for them to share in this salvation and eternal life.

Verse 8 Through our spiritual walks our hearts become pure for we have no selfish desires. John 1:47 is a good example of this.

Verse 9 By this time we have become those that then share, preach, teach and witness what we know and come to have in our relationship with God. At this time we have now built a strong foundation and we will need it for the next and last step in our walk.

Verse 10-12 This is the final step for when we have grown so close to Jesus and our Heavenly Father that the World will turn on you like a wild animal. The World will do all sorts of evil against you to break the relationship that you have made between you and God. The World will hate you for what you have and because you stand for everything that the World is against.


Where are you in your Pilgrimage?