*Praise God for the wonderful blessings we have individually and as a country.

*Praise God for the Family and Friends that make our life more pleasant and meaningful.

*Praise God that he loved us enough to save our lives at the cost of giving His Son for our sins.



*Pray for our leaders at all levels of government.

*Pray for the church leadership regardless of denomination. The world doesnít see denominations as much as it sees Christians.

*Pray for the Body of Christ that all members will find their ministry and serve well according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

*Pray for our soldiers that they will accomplish their missions while serving God and Godís people.

*Pray for our enemies because they need desperately to know the love of the One true God and His Son, Jesus.

*Pray for yourself that you may know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

*Pray for all of those you encounter that you know could use prayer.

*Pray that we never become apathetic or complacent in our Faith and love of the Lord.

*Pray that we never take our blessings for granted.