Silence can be deadly

Bible Version Ė KJV

Donít Be an Eli

†† His story will invoke a shaking of the head and the saying Eli, Eli. Eliís story is a very sad and tragic one. One that did not have to end the way it did, but did so because of his own doings, his own choices.

†† From the Book of 1 Samuel we will read his story and learn from it some very important lessons that we should keep in mind and to try avoiding making the same ones as Eli did. (1 Samuel 2:12-17, 22-25, 27-36; 4:11, 12-18)

†† Early on we find out a lot about Eliís sons and what type of men they turned out to be and the things they would do in and around the Tabernacle of God. Reading this story I came out with three important lessons we can all learn from. Not to say there may not be some more hidden in it.

†† First, if we claim to belong to God then we better always remember whom we serve. He will bless us and watch over us, but if we should take Him for granted and begin to do what we feel is right or just straight out doing what we want to do, then do not whine when your judgment comes upon you or be surprised.

†† Second, Eli when warned and revealed what would happen to his family and itís lineage he did nothing to try and change or lessen it, but pretty much just sat there and let it run its course. If you are warned by God of wrong doing and even the consequences of it you should definitely not do what Eli did, but strive with all your might to gain the mercy of the Lord so that it will be changed or even lessened. We know our Heavenly Father is patient and merciful or we wouldnít be here today for all that mankind has done. So when faced with imminent judgment we should throw ourselves before Him and plead for mercy; not just sit there and do nothing.

†† Thirdly, not just family related issues such as Eli faced, with not correcting his sons nor removing them from office, but in other areas of our life where we see something or someone that is doing wrong as in Eliís case of his sons doing wickedness straight out in the open. We need to do something; anything would be better than nothing. We can voice our concern to others hoping that with more interest it can be changed. We could even confront the problem head on, smartly and not like some crazed lunatic. We can even pray about it as well, but we should do something other than sit around and remain speechless.

††† Eli undoubtedly started out as a faithful servant of the Lord and a loving father to his sons, but then he later on just sat on the sidelines and watched everything fall apart and did nothing.

†† Let us learn from his mistakes and not go through life repeating them.

†† Let our name not be mentioned with the shaking of the Lordís head.