Where is your shield?

Bible Version Ė KJV

Doubt Ė Will it crush your Faith?

†† We hear more about making wrong decisions that lead to sin and temptations, but seldom do we hear about something that is just as dangerous and sneaky as any form of temptation.

†† Itís called Doubt. Doubt can grow slowly and I think in most cases it does. As in Luke 12:22-31 we see doubt tied in with worry and stress. Who in one time or another has had times of worry and stress? Through such times we can begin to doubt what God can and will provide for us if we are not careful. And as I said doubt can sneak up on you over time.

†† Doubt can be so bad that it can even blind us to the truth or even to messages that God sends to us to help us in understanding or preparing us for situations that will arise. For instance in John 13:22 even with all the clues Jesus left to point to the one that would betray him none could see it because of doubt. Again in John 10:22-25 here we see them doubting all the evidence that Jesus has shown them through acts and deeds and yet they are blinded by their own doubt. Peter receives a vision (message) from God which he could not understand because of doubt (Acts 10:9-28; 11:1-18), but later on does he realize what God was trying to tell him (Acts 10:28).

†† Letís look at some more doubting. Matthew 14:27-31 Peter begins to sink due to fear which brought on doubt which then in turn weakened his faith. Matthew 21:21 and Mark 11:23-24 shows us that doubt can affect the outcome of our prayers. We must be careful to not to doubt when we go to God in prayer and to seek divine intervention. Even Paul speaks about praying without doubting (1Timothy 2:8).

†† From just these scriptures we find that doubt can be a byproduct of fear, anger, and worry. There are many other accounts of doubting within the Bile as well, in the Old and New Testaments. There is one account in the New Testament that gave a guy a nickname, Doubting Thomas. He doubted even with all the eye witness accounts from his friends and fellow believers. Doubt caused the Israelites in the Old Testament to start to grumble and complain about God even though He had just freed them from 400 years of slavery. Then again when they were at the very point of crossing over into the promise land that God was going to give to them their fear caused them to doubt and not enter in to the promise land. How about when Elijah ran from a threat from Jezebel? His fear, which will cause doubt, overcame his faith, even though he was a very faithful prophet of the Lord.

†† We all come across instances in our own lives that may cause us to lose faith because doubt snuck up on us. We need to be aware of creeping doubt that will affect spiritual life and our relationship with God. As Peter began to sink in the water let us avoid sinking into the despair of this world because of growing and overpowering doubt.

†† Let us beat back Doubt with the shield of Faith and putting on the rest of the Armor of God. Do you have your Armor on and your Shield of Faith raised up for battle?