Israel’s Captivity and Lost Identity

Over the last three weeks we have seen prophecies about Israel that have not been fulfilled: Yet! We’ve seen promises God made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel that have not been fulfilled: Yet! We’ve seen that Jacob/Israel had twelve sons that are destined to be the instrument of fulfillment of these promises. Collectively, these twelve sons became tribes of people known as Israel. Eventually the twelve tribes split into two kingdoms, they became known as the North and the South kingdoms. The Northern kingdom retained the name, “Israel” and the Southern kingdom became known as “Judah” after one of the twelve tribes. Judah people are the ones we know as “Jews” today. However, the Israel people were captured and dispersed and never returned to their homeland. With time they lost their identity. What happened to those people? Where are they today? The prophecies and promises about Israel remain and will be fulfilled because the Word of God does not fail! Today we will take a look at Israel’s Captivity and Lost Identity.  Can we know what happened to Israel, where they are, and who they are? Those are important questions because much of prophecy involves Israel in the future, perhaps in our own time. Here we go.