Be watchful Ye Watchmen

Bible Version: KJV

Israel and America

We are told to be Watchmen and to stay awake in the scriptures (Mark 13:34-37). As time goes by things are happening that I believe show that Yes, we are living in the time that we refer to as the End Time. Am I saying that just around the corner that Jesus is going to be coming down out of the clouds and ushering in the Kingdom of God? No, but I am saying that we need to be mindful of what is going on in the world today as well as staying awake if we are to be watchmen at the wall. We are watching what I am about to speak on unfold before us, so it is time to awaken and become the watchmen we are called to become.

Now we will go back in time to see where things began at and what many have over looked through the scriptures and especially prophetically.  First we must realize that unlike mankind, God takes what he has set in motion seriously. Giving of names and passing down of blessings, God does not look at things pertaining to His people trivially. So when we read scriptures from the Old Testament it is not some fairytale and His blessings that are pass down from generation to generation and not some cheap contract written by men. God has always stood behind what he has said and promised (Isaiah 55:11).

With all that in mind let us read Genesis 48:1-5 and see the true importance of what is being said and bestowed. Jacob is not just simply blessing his grandsons, but is giving them a share in the inheritance as though they were his own sons. Did God take this seriously? If not then the name of Manasseh would not be named among the tribes mentioned in Revelation 7:4-8.

As we read further on in Genesis 48:9-20 we see even more critical information that is skimmed over.  In verse 16 we see that the name of Israel is given unto Joseph’s sons, keep this in mind when you read about Israel in prophecy. Though Manasseh was the older of the sons, Ephraim would receive the blessing that would normally go to the older son. These blessings were given out to Joseph’s sons with God being involved, fore Israel could not see, but was led by the Lord to switch the blessing around.

This is where the importance of what I am going to talk about starts. Manasseh the older son was blessed and prophesied over that he would become a Great People (Nation). While the younger son Ephraim was blessed and prophesied over that he would become a multitude of nations. These two became exactly what Israel blessed them as and God saw that it came to pass.  Where has this come to pass? Where in history has Manasseh become a great nation or Ephraim become a multitude of nations? If we are to believe Isaiah 55:11 then what was said about these two sons must have come to pass and if so who are they today? I will tell you where they are now, one is the very nation that we live in and the other is the nation of Britain, the nation that the Sun never set on in its day and it was a nation of nations. From it came forth many nations.

And here is the kicker, let us read Isaiah 9:8-21. Here we see that Israel is referring to both Manasseh and Ephraim, which again shows that God took those blessings seriously and that the name of Israel was given to them just as Jacob had said it should be. Another point to be brought up is that historically the nation of Israel was divided up into two kingdoms. The Southern Kingdom which was primarily made up of the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin, and the Northern Kingdom which was made up of the remaining ten tribes. From that day forth the Southern Kingdom was referred to as Judah prophetically, this is another thing to keep in mind when reading Isaiah 9:8-21. In verse 21we find what I believe we need to watch for and which is beginning to unfold even as I speak. When our nation and that of Britain turn on Judah (nation of Israel today), then we should be very concerned for God will not hold this nation blameless. For when this happens we will know without doubt that the hand of the Lord is stretched out against us.

Let us pray that we (His People) will be spared the wrath that will be poured out upon this wicked generation.