Jesus: From Birth to Resurrection


Last week my sermon was interrupted and some of what I said was challenged. Let me be perfectly clear. The sermon is not a time for debate or challenging the preacher unless something outrageous is said or done. And nothing outrageous was either said or done. Now it is possible that a preacher may be wrong. It is also possible that the one that disagrees with the preacher is wrong. Be that as it may be, interrupting a sermon to dispute a point is not helpful nor is it Biblical! Such conduct is disruptive, divisive, and could cause a brother to stumble. If you have a question about something the preacher says, wait and talk to him later. In the past I have allowed questions during my sermons and have even accepted comments. I will continue to do that. However, I will not tolerate rude and disruptive behavior that does nothing but harm the body of Christ.


Now, I will address what I said and the challenges that were made. I do this because you need to know that what I said is true and Bible based.


Basically there were two points being challenged.

1.      The state of the dead. Was Jesus actually dead or was he alive and doing something.

2.      Who raised Jesus from the dead?


The answer to the first question is simple. I will show you Bible proof that Jesus was actually dead and unaware of anything for a full 72 hours, that is for three days and three nights.


The answer to the second question is also straightforward. I will show you Bible proof that it was the Father of Jesus, His God, that resurrected Him.


But before I answer the two questions with Bible scripture I will answer another question that is key to the entire salvation issue. Was Jesus God or Man? For our purposes right now we will consider only the time from his birth to His resurrection. Why only that time? Because it is the time of interest in addressing the two questions


On the overhead we will compare some attributes of Jesus and God, His Father. Click here.



There you have it: Believe it or not. The Bible clearly says that Jesus was a divine man who always did the will of His God and Father. As a man he was perfect and so qualified to be our redeemer. He died as men do. He was in the grave, the bowels of the earth, for three days and three nights. During that time he was truly dead. At the proper time God, His Father, brought Him back to life. And restored Him to the Glory He had with the Father from the beginning.




The end.