Who and What are You?

Bible Version –KJV

Kings and Priests of the Lord Part2


In Part1 we had covered the Kingly side and responsibilities of Christians. Revelation 1:6 (King James Version) we have been made Kings and Priests unto God. Those that believe in the name of Jesus Christ have been entrusted with responsibilities and authority that go along with these positions. Like those mentioned in Mark 16:17, 18. Here in 1 Peter 2:5 we are a holy priesthood, and we do offer sacrifices but those of the spiritual kind.

So today that is what I want to cover with you, the priestly side of our authority which Jesus has given us to be unto God. We are priests which means we have been blessed by God and given authority to anoint, to lay hands on people to bestow blessings and even for healings, physical and spiritual as well as forgive sins. Believers in Christ we are asked to forgive sins as in Mark 11:25, 26.

These were responsibilities of priests back in the Old Testament. Now they are our responsibility in the New. We are the New Testament Priests as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Just because it’s been a couple thousand years, it does not change the fact of who and what we are. We need to remember and to start acting more priestly.

The second part of Mark 16:18 mention’s something that for the most part has been forgotten or seldom done by believers in Jesus. While Kings had their own responsibilities and authority, but anointing and laying on of hands was for Priests only. Last part of verse 18 of Mark 16 it states, “they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”. Jesus wanted us to lay hands on people not as an option but it was mandatory if we are to be his people, a priesthood made unto God.

Laying on of hands and anointing was not just for healing, healing was just one use of that such as in James 5:14. For instance Acts 13:3 Paul and Barnabas were going to be traveling and those there laid hands on them for that trip. So if you are going on a trip and feel like having extra prayer and blessing for it we should not be shy or ashamed to ask for that from fellow believers. Here in Acts 8:17 and Acts 19:6 we see it is used for bestowing of the Holy Spirit.


The responsibility of laying on of hands is a gift that we should not neglect as mentioned in 1 Timothy 4:14. In the early church laying on of hands was an important part and a prominent part of their doctrine mentioned in Hebrews 6:1, 2. May we never neglect this gift given to us as priests of the Lord and that we never feel ashamed to ask for such anointing and laying on of hands.

 Are we ready to take up this responsibility as Priests made by Jesus unto God?