The Devils Fodder

Bible Version – KJV

Know Thy Enemy Part 2

   Today I will be speaking about something that Jesus and his disciples dealt with a lot throughout his ministry as well as after Jesus’ ascension when the Apostles took up the ministry work that Jesus left for them to do. This topic will be on demons and their attributes along with our need for prayer and fasting when it comes to confronting these unclean spirits.

   Jesus goes into great detail in his description of them in Matthew 12:43-45. Here we learn a lot about how they are and what they strive for. They seem to always be seeking a place to rest and they will try to come back to the place from which they were cast out of to see if they can re-enter, that’s if they haven’t found a new place to dwell. Demons (unclean spirits) need a place to rest and they walk from place to place seeking rest while angels need to do neither of these things. Resting Place is a place that they can either possess or attach themselves to. In the description given in Matthew 12:43-45 we also learn that not all unclean spirits are the same in terribleness. In verse 45 this unclean spirit goes and gets seven more that are more wicked then it. In John 5:14 Jesus warns someone that he had healed to sin no more lest a worse thing come unto him. Jesus knew that what he had removed from the man may try to some back and bring some of its buddies.

   We can see in Mark 5:1-20 that unclean spirits truly desire a place to reside for they do not at all desire having to walk about in dry places seeking a new dwelling to find rest in. Also it shows that someone or something could be possessed by a whole lot of unclean spirits. The torment that that man had to have been going through with 2000 unclean spirits in him is unthinkable.

   We also learn from Jesus’ ministry that some actual demon possession can cause physical ailments in people. Matthew 9:32; 12:22; 17:18 shows a few cases of exactly this. Also if you read the account of the possessed boy in Mark 9:14-29 shows not just a physical effect of being possessed, but that in some cases to remove an unclean spirit from someone or possibly something that it takes more than just prayer. In this case in verse 29 Jesus says that this one can come forth by nothing, but prayer and fasting.

   I want to read a few scriptures in Acts that shows that after Jesus had returned to heaven the whole unclean spirit situation did not just disappear. Acts 5:12-16; 8:4-8; 19:11-12 gives us a couple accounts of the Apostles dealing with demons. In the case of Acts 19:12 we see the use of what we call today prayer clothes. These were clothes that were prayed and fasted over and anointed so that the ones that were given them would receive the additional blessing from it.

   We must always be prepared when it comes to confronting and dealing with unclean spirits. You need to be as they say “Prayed up” and have a good foundation in the Word of God. You do not want to end up like those mentioned in Acts 19:15-16.

   We must not shy away from facing unclean spirits, but do what Jesus did; fore we do not need to ask like the Christians in the world ask “What Would Jesus Do?” We know what Jesus did and said from the scriptures and he told us in Matthew 10:8 “Cast out devils.”

(mention some personal accounts of dealing with demonic forces)