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This is the site for information about camp meetings, ACTS magazine, Maranatha College, and upcoming events.

Churches of God, 7th Day - Meridian Headquarters


This is the defining document for the Church of God 7th Day in Grants Pass Structure and bylaws.

Church of God 7th Day in Grants Pass  Structure & By-laws


These sites contain a great deal of information about Creation Science. There are also links to recent headlines about Creationism and Evolutionism. You will find a wealth of resources on related subjects, some are free and some are for sale. At some sites, you can make arrangements for speakers to come to your church.

Creation Wiki -:- Creation Education Ministries -:- Answers in Genesis -:- Reasons For Faith Ministries -:- Institute for Creation Research (ICR)


This site has a daily article about America’s heritage with an emphasis on our Christian heritage.

American Minute


This site has more on the Christian heritage of the USA and the need for the Church to become involved in the political process.

Ears to Hear


This site is a directory of Sabbath observing congregations throughout the world.

The Sabbath Directory


This site is a terrific resource for anyone interested in helping young women and men avoid unplanned pregnancies. Here is a quote from the site that speaks for itself. “The life-saving work of the Pregnancy Care Center includes offering alternatives to abortion to women, providing support throughout pregnancy and beyond.  We are also a rare voice to youth throughout southern Oregon, encouraging them to abstain from sexual intimacy until marriage.

Grants Pass Pregnancy Care Center


This site declares “The Silver Ring Thing is the fastest growing teen abstinence program in the United States and is rapidly gaining international recognition for its concert-style show incorporating music, laser lights, fast-paced video, drama & comedy performances.” It is certainly all of that and more. The case for abstinence is made from the practical point of view, but more importantly it is made from the Bible perspective as well. If you have a student that has not been to a Silver Ring Thing event then don’t miss the opportunity when it comes to a town near you. Better yet, help bring them to your town!

The Silver Ring Thing


Here is where you can find out more about our beautiful city of Grants Pass.

Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce


And yet another link for information about Grants Pass

I Love Grants Pass