The Mind of Christ, Part 1

†† We hear What Would Jesus Do? I have heard we are to have the mind of Christ. You could always ask yourself What Did Jesus Do if you wanted to know what it is that we need to do since we are the ones proclaiming to be his followers. There is like a billion plus people in this world that in one form or another claim to be Christian. Christian is supposed to mean to be Christ like or at least thatís what I have been told. Out of all those that call themselves Christians, how many truly are Christ like? What is to be needed to be like Christ?

†† What were Jesusí traits and qualities? And please do not blurt out the most drilled in Christian answer ďLoveĒ. I for one know that my lord and savior had more to him then love. If Jesus lived as we did, being human and living as we lived, then love was one of many traits and qualities in which he had that no one ever speaks of. Those unspoken traits also made up his character and we too should manifest those same traits within ourselves if we claim that he is our example. I would like to talk about them and how our lives should reflect them and to do so we need to know how he truly was and think like he thought on things.

†† But first I want to bring up another point that needs to be considered if we are to have the mind of Christ. The Word of God should never be a mystery to us and all that is within the scriptures should be made clear to us. If we are to have the mind of Christ then not only his words, but his Fatherís words as well should be understandable to us. The problem I believe many have with the scriptures is when it is read, it is read with a carnal mind and not with a spiritual mind at all. We have been given an instrument to add us in understanding the Words of God and yet many forget to ask for the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit or they allow their own carnal minds to interfere with what the Spirit of Truth is trying to tell them.

†† I will focus mainly on the need for the Spirit to help us with understanding of the scripture, but I will start out with an important trait that Jesus has and that we should have as well. For that let us start in John 2:17 where we see that one of Jesusí motivating qualities was his zeal for his Father. We need to have that same zeal for God and His Word. So when we live for the God and we read His Word then we need to approach it with the zeal Jesus has when he speaks of his Father and keeping his Fathers Commandments.

†† First of all near the end of Jesusís ministry he spoke of the Comforter, or later on he refers to it as the Spirit of Truth. He knew that without it that all that he spoke would be lost upon the ears and eyes of the spiritually deaf and blind. With it those that are drawn to him would be shown what others could not see or comprehend. John 14:17, 26; 15:26 and 16:13 Speak of this and we would need it because we would not have Jesus here to show us and to help us in understanding. Now let us look at some more scriptures throughout John that shows how we could be if we do not have the Spirit of Truth to guide us in the Word of God. John 2:19-22; 3:3-12; 4:32-34; 5:39-40, 45-47; 6:25-26, 48-58, 63; 8:23.