Walk as he walked

Bible Version: KJV

The Mind of Christ, Part 2

†† In the first part I spoke more on the spiritual aspect of Godís Word and the importance of the Holy Spirit when it comes to helping us grasp the scriptures. Jesus spoke in parables to hide things from the world, since the world is unable to comprehend spiritual things (John 14:17). For us to follow Christ and to understand the scriptures we need the Holy Spirit to teach and show us the things hidden in the Bible and to aid us in remembering these things (John 14:26). Jesusís mind was always focused on spiritual matters and his Fatherís commandments. These two things should be our focus as well. Though we live in a physical world, the heavenly is our goal (Luke 12:31).

†† Besides working and developing our spiritual walk with God there are other traits that Jesus has that we should have as well. I had spoken on one before and that was ZEAL (John 2:17), which we should all have for the Lord and His Word. Again what more should we have in our own lives? LOVE of course I think all professing Christians know that one (Luke 6:27-31; John 15:12-13). There is so much more to Jesus then just those two. He was OBEDIENT to his Father in all things, so we to need not just follow Jesus, but we need to be obedient as he was to God (John 17:4; 14:15, 24, 31; 12:49-50). We should also find delight in Godís commandments as David and Jesus has (Psalms 112:1; 119:92-93).

†† So now we have covered ZEAL, LOVE and OBEDIENCE. Now there are just a couple more I would like to mention even though there is more than just these Jesus embodied. These last two I would like to speak on have been cast aside by professing Christians and now we are in the mess we are in as the Body of Christ. Jesus did not COMPROMISE his beliefs and his Fatherís commandments. Jesus also did not TOLERATE sin, he may have felt sad towards those that did sin and he wanted people to repent from them, but he never TOLERATED sin or make excuses for those that had sinned. Yes he had eaten with tax collectors and sinners, but did he condone what they were doing? No. His desire was for them to repent and turn their lives over to his Father (Luke 7:36-50; Luke 15:7; Matthew 9:9-13; Matthew 23:37).