Miracles, Testimony, and Prayer


This Sabbath was devoted entirely to Miracles, Testimony, and Prayer. We were blessed to have Erik von Gottsegne, Steve Stuckie and his son Jack, and Jessica Simpson visit and lead the entire two hours. They all shared testimonies of miracles they had seen as an answer to prayer. They told of how God has called them to this ministry and how it never grows old or tiresome seeing what God will do if only asked. They made the point that we often do not receive simply because we don’t ask. And, often when we do ask we are not convinced in our own minds that God will give us what we ask for. That is doubt, not faith. The entire team prayed for each individual that came forward to receive a miracle. After all that is the basis of a prayerful petition, “Grant me a miracle!” Many began to receive their answers, mostly for healing, even as they were being prayed for. Erik and his team left no doubt, our God is a mighty and compassionate God that will withhold no good gift if we have faith to receive the gift.


Erik, Steve, Jack, and Jessica have said they will come back again if we want them to. We are anxious to have them visit again. Our hope is that we can bless them even as they have blessed us.


Praise God!