Is Your Heart Ready?

Bible Version Ė KJV

Preparing for the Lordís Supper


†† A new year is beginning and the Passover and the Lordís Supper is approaching. Though I observe the Passover I want to focus this year more on the Lordís Supper and our own preparation for this memorial.

†† We take part of this remembrance as Jesus commanded us to do, but how many people around the world that take part in this actually prepare themselves to be worthy of it. Many I fear that observe this have forgotten the significance of the Lordís Supper and/or it has become just another customary religious observance and put no more thought into it as they do when they go to church.

†† Paul even warns the church in Corinth about this very thing. We read in†††††††††††††† 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, Paul wrote to them to warn them of the consequences of partaking of the Lordís Supper unworthily. In Corinth they were gathering together some drunken, others bringing food and eating it in front of those that may not have had as much as them, as well as gathering into their own little clichťs.

†† Paul had become disgusted with them in this especially when itís concerning the Lordís Supper. He did not hold back in telling them that is why some of you are sick or dead. I believe he spoke not just physically but as well spiritually. Not even what he had written in this letter was all that needed to be addressed. In verse 34 he let them know that the rest of the issues he would be addressing when he got there in person.

†† We can see the importance that the Lordís Supper holds from Paulís own response. We are to remember the sacrifice that Jesus has made on our behalf and that of his Father who allowed his Son to give his life for us. I try to think and give thanks for their willingness and sacrifice they had done for me during this time of year. We need to take it seriously as Paul pointed out for it was no small price paid to redeem us from what awaits those of mankind that will not repent.

†† It is an honor to be able to observe and partake of the Lordís Supper. It is like a rededication of our life to the Lord. We need to cleanse ourselves before we take up the unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine and get our house in order before we take of his body and blood. Let us prepare our hearts for the coming Lordís Supper, so that we will be found worthy of partaking in this holy remembrance and not as just another religious ceremony.

†† I would like to share with a comparison of Paulís warning to Corinth and a warning given to Godís people back during the very first Passover observance, which I found enlightening.

†† Exodus 12:1-30 holds the account of the very first Passover that Godís people observed. In verse 13 is like unto the warning that Paul gives the church in Corinth. If they did not or would not but up the blood on their door posts then the plague would enter their homes. Paul was warning in the same way that if they did not obediently or worthily partake of the Lordís Supper then in sense they would not be putting on the blood on their doorposts and would be allowing the plague to enter in and kill them.

†† Let us not be harboring any ill thought towards family, friends or neighbors while we are partaking of the Lordís Supper. Go and make it right with them, and if they do not except it then at least you have taken care of your responsibility.