The Right Hand or The Left Hand?

Bible Version – KJV

Sheep and Shepherds Part 1


   The word Sheep can imply different meanings to you and especially how it’s being used. I use to always think the word sheep outside of the use in talking about the animal itself always meant someone that was gullible or could not think for oneself. With that negative view of the word I had a hard time hearing it used to describe Gods people. I then began to change my view of what it meant to be a Sheep for the Lord. Through the Word of God we need to see the benefits and the good qualities of being called a Sheep. We definitely need to avoid being called Goats.

   So let us look at a couple key traits that Sheep of the Lord need to have such as what is mentioned in Matthew 7:15-20. The Sheep of God need to be keen eyed and be able to tell the difference between another Sheep and a wolf posing as a Sheep. Or even be able to tell if another Sheep is acting Goatish.

   Another important trait that Sheep have is to tell the difference between the voice of their Shepherd and that of a stranger as mentioned in John 10:4-5. We need to know the voice of our Shepherd and as it says we should flee from any voice that does not sound like His voice.

   So from just these two books of the Bible we know that the Sheep of the Lord are to be keen of sight and sound. We are to avoid anything that does not look like a Sheep or anyone that does not sound like our Shepherd. Sheep are also faithful and obedient and trust in their Shepherd to help guide and protect them.

   Since I am focusing on just Sheep in Part 1 of Sheep and Shepherds there is another matter that needs to be brought up that Sheep of God need to avoid as well. As Sheep we have to try and avoid being Mean Sheep to other Sheep in the flock as mentioned here in Ezekiel 34:16-22. There are those that may call themselves or even think that they are Sheep of the Lord, but they are not. Their behavior towards other Sheep and new Sheep that have just entered the flock, they are in danger of alienating themselves from Gods flock and becoming a Goat.

   As fellow Sheep in the Lords flock we are to behave kindly and gentle towards each other and those that have just became part of the fold. We shouldn’t be ruining the fellowship for others and we should not act or speak unkindly towards those in need as the Sheep mentioned in verse 21. We surely do not want to be labeled Goats mentioned in Matthew 25:31-34 for their outcome is then spoken of in verse 46 of the same chapter. We want to be included in the Sheep and receive the blessing of verse 34.

   Let us all strive to be Sheep of the Lord and not Goats or even Wolves with Sheep clothing on.


*Side Note* All Shepherds are Sheep, but not all Sheep are Shepherds. Even those that are Shepherds down here are still Sheep in the Lords Flock. Jesus is our Shepherd though he was the Lamb of God. So too are the Pastors (Shepherds) at all the Churches today are to be Sheep in his flock.