Green Fields or Ruined Fields?

Bible Version KJV

Sheep and Shepherds Part 2


Last week we covered Sheep and what they need to be like and what they need to avoid doing and becoming Goats.

Today it is Shepherds that we will take a closer look at and what they are to be doing as well as what happens to Shepherds that do their job poorly.

Shepherds are like police men that are supposed to service and protect. As Shepherds of the Lord we have a higher responsibility and a much Higher Authority to answer to. Shepherds are to Feed, Protect and Guide the Sheep of the Lord. Peter learned this lesson before he began his Shepherding. In John 21:15-17 Jesus reminds Peter not once, not twice but three times. There is a reason for this and you will find it in verses 2-3. We may think back to Peters denials of Jesus when we read verses 15-17, but it is not that that makes Jesus ask him three times. Though, Peter might have thought about that moment when Jesus asked him those three times. Peter was the appointed leader you could say of the group and as that leader he decided to go fishing for fish and not men. Jesus had to make it clear to Peter the importance of the mission he had set Peter on. We as Pastors (Shepherds) need to remember to feed, feed and feed the Sheep of the Lord.

As Shepherds we need to follow our example and that is Jesus. He did the will of his Father without complaint and obediently. Like in John 10:1-16 we need to avoid being a hireling or stranger or thieves and robbers. Through Jesus and Jesus alone are Sheep called and gathered before his Father and he is the only true Shepherd of his Fathers Sheep. We must be Shepherds as well as Peter was. We need to be awake and watchful for anything that may bring harm to the Sheep. We need to bring Sheep into to the fold and not scatter them which will make them prey to wolves that are waiting out there to bring ruin to them.

We Shepherds are to help guide Sheep back to the fold if possible as mentioned in Matthew 18:12-13. We are to take that extra step to go after a lost Sheep and when that Sheep returns we rejoice for one that was lost has now returned. It is sad to witness Sheep that refuse to come back from their Goatish ways and stubbornly and rebelliously reject the Lord. There are times when a Shepherd needs to use the Shepherds Staff to help Sheep on their way or back on track. We do this out of love and not cruelty.

The Lord makes it clear in Jeremiah 23:1-2 and Ezekiel 34:1-10 that being a Shepherd is a great responsibility and with it greater punishment if we abuse that position and trust from the Lord. God points out what happens to those that take on the role of Shepherd and use it for their own gain and to be cruel to HIS Sheep.

As for me the words of Hebrews 10:31 come to mind when we take up responsibilities that the Lord entrusts to us, specially concerning His Sheep.

I pray that as Shepherds we can lead HIS Sheep to green pastures with the help from Him and His son Jesus Christ.