The Sign of Jonah


Many in the world believe Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday and resurrected on Sunday morning, which is where we get Good Friday and Easter Sunday from. Thou Jesus said to the Pharisees that if you destroy this temple, in three days he would raise it up again (John 2:19-21). They of course misunderstood what Jesus meant and if this was to have happened in our time we might have thought him nuts as well, but we have the scriptures and the Holy Spirit to help us with understanding his words. Sadly, many still do not completely understand what Jesus meant in John 2:19 as well as in Matthew 12:39 and 40 where we are being told by Jesus himself what we are to look for as the only sign that he would give us to show us who he was.

Jesus lays it out quite plainly that he would be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth. He called it the Sign of Jonah. Still many believe that he spoke of parts of three days to justify his death and resurrection to fall upon the days of their choosing. If Jesus speaks of 12 hours being in a day (John 11:9) then how many are in the night? Either Jesus could not count or knew not what a complete day was or he was speaking only of the day and did not have to say anything on the night for he knew that a day as we call it was 24 hours long. The earlier part of what I just said is what people must think of Jesus when they say ďOh he was speaking only of parts of three daysĒ.

Iím quite sure that many if not all Christians believe that Jonah was in the belly of the fish or whale, depending on what you want to picture as Jonahís home away from home was, for a total of three literal days and not parts of three days. Which in turn would mean if the only sign that Jesus would give was the sign of Jonah then we would have to conclude that Matthew 12:40 Jesus meant three literal days. If he was buried and resurrected in about a day and a half (36 hours) as many believe then he is not the messiah for he did not fulfill the only sign he said he would give.

Letís get to why I am bringing all this up. We all agree that Jesus was truly dead for those three full days in the tomb, that he was not sleeping as we sleep when we go to bed or was not faking his death and just hiding out in the tomb for the three days to let things settle down in Jerusalem. With all this said the last and main reason for bringing all of this, up was to go back to and take another look at the story of Jonah. From the evidence of Jesusís own words and what had happened to him and the state in which he was in while in the heart of the Earth. I believe that Jonah was not alive but dead in the fishes belly and in Jonah 3:1-2 that when the Lord said unto Jonah Arise, he was resurrecting Jonah after the fish vomited him up.

I wanted to shed some light onto this story of Jonah which is one of my favorites within the scriptures. I had come across this comparison many years ago while I was studying with my wife and just wanted to share it with you all. I hope this sparks your interest in the stories of the Bible and makes you dig deeper for those hidden treasures that are throughout His Living Word.