Beware what spirit you walk in

Bible Version: KJV

The Spirit of Halloween


†† I would like to talk to you not just about Halloween, but about the spirit of it. Today Christians for the most part see nothing wrong with Halloween. Others may try to rationalize it by telling themselves that they do not do it the same way as the heathens did back in the day. Some will go as far as to say that they use the time to honor their dead loved ones and say some prays for them. (Proverbs 4:14) Christians have even changed the name to such things as All Saints Day and Harvest Festival so that their kids can observe it and not feel left out in the sight of the world (Proverbs 24:1).

†† Nowadays we consider Halloween a holiday along with Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and even Saint Patrickís Day. We call them holidays but I would call them the Devilís counterfeit Holy Days. Christians will take time out just to decorate and celebrate times of year that the ungodly would use to worship their gods and see nothing wrong with it because they happen to put a Christian-Like spin to it (Malachi 2:17). While scriptures have plenty of Holy Days that they could celebrate, if they want to have a reason to celebrate and with Godís blessing. These times of year where God has done great things for His people and as pointers to future events that we wait for with anticipation.

†† Christians blindly celebrate Halloween not knowing what they are getting themselves into. They might think that there is no harm in it, but that alone shows that damage that has been done already. They have become spiritually blinded to things that are displeasing to God (Matthew 6:24).

†† Even the world does not hide where Halloween comes from, and the scriptures tell us not to be part of the world (John 15:18-19). Yet each year millions of people claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ go out to profess their love of the world and the things in it all the while unknowingly worshiping these false gods by doings so and thinking they are doing good.


†† People dress up as different things, some scary, some silly, some evil and some try to be sexy, but all that dressing up goes right back to the origins of Halloween. People would wear costumes to represent evil spirits so as to blend in. When they dress up no matter what they wear they are portraying themselves as demons. UhmÖ. Wonder what God thinks about that? If they try to tell themselves ďOh itís harmless funĒ. Then they need to check their walk with the Lord.

†† What about Trick or Treating? Surely that is harmless. Are you the one going around threatening to curse those that do not give you something or are you the one trying to appease the demons? This too goes back to the origins of the celebration. Again ask yourself, is this pleasing to the Lord?

†† How about bobbing for apples? Thou this practice may not be as popular as it once was it also has a heathen origin. It was used a form of divination. It was used to find ones future husband. Again we must ask ourselves is this pleasing to the Lord?

†† Putting all of this aside we must always be watchful of things of the world so that we can avoid being drawn into celebrations that appear innocent, but their roots run deep in ungodly origins. As ones proclaiming to be followers of Jesus Christ we do not want to find ourselves in the situation that is spoken of in Revelation 3:16.

†† We need to keep in mind Luke 9:54-55 and as this Halloween comes let us pray and ask that we will be in the right spirit.