Finishing the Race

Bible Version - KJV

What Worth is the Law to YOU?


†† We need to ask ourselves that, maybe more often than we do. We may need to ask ourselves and answer ourselves honestly as well. Why do we keep the Law? The answer to that should shed some light as to what worth is the Law to you.

†† Throughout history and the scriptures we see accounts of people fighting to keep their faith and belief through trying times and persecution. We may all have our own accounts as well from things that we have gone through personally, but I would like to share just a couple of so many that are found in the scriptures as well as other historical records with you. Iíll pull on from the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

†† First we will go back and look at the life of Elijah in the Book of 1 Kings. He was a Godly man the feared the Lord and we can read about all the things he had done on behalf of God. For us though I think of a couple instances in his life that we can relate to at times. For starters here you have a Godly man that has done many things such as defeating the prophets of Baal and having God send such a mighty sign from heaven (1 Kings 18:17-46). Then shortly after that you have him running away from Jezebel who had threatened to have him killed (1 Kings 19:1-4). Sometimes even in our own lives we may do something for the Lord or even see a miracle happen, but then have some adversity arise and we run (physically, mentally or spiritually) even after seeing what the Lord has done for us. Even in 1 Kings 19:9-10, 14 we see Elijah a very strong man of God get depressed because he begins to think that he is the only one left of Godís people (true believers and followers of God). We too can become as he had in our own lives as we live day by day and witness the world as it is and see not many at all living according to Godís commandments. Elijah loved the Lord and kept his commandments. No matter what Elijah would not turn his back to the Lord even though he might have felt that there was no point in going on 1 Kings 19:4. When the Lord did call on him, he did not hesitate to do what the Lord asked of him. We need to be more like Elijah as in being jealous for the Lord, obedient when called on and never losing faith in what the Lord has in store for us, no matter what that may be. Joshua 1:7-9 sums it up for us perfectly.

†† Of course the greatest example of all will always be our savior Jesus Christ. His whole life revolved around the commandments of his Father. Even in the beginning of his ministry he relayed to us a simple, but highly powerful reminder of where our lives need to be lived by (Luke 4:4).

†† Again we see in Matthew 5:17-18 the stress of importance of the Law and that we should not try so casually throw away for it will last longer than our own mere lives.

†† Can we dismiss something so important to the one we call our savoir, someone that has gone through things that we can never compare to nor fully grasp the suffering he went through as well as his Father.

†† It truly saddens me to see the Christians of this world throw it all away so they can justify their own inadequate lives to make them feel good about themselves (Psalms 119:126).

†† We should try to be as David was when it came to the Law (Psalms 1:2; 119:97, 113, 165, 174).

†† From the lives of those few I mentioned and the extent that they loved the Lord and followed the Law of God. Ask yourselves this. What truly is the Law worth to you?