Two not One

Bible Version: KJV

When the Other Shoe Drops

   As I mentioned last time we need to be watchful of events that unfold in the world. Regardless of the nay Sayers the time we live in is radically different than any time in the history of mankind. With technology ranging from computers to space exploration and even genetic manipulation, I feel that the scriptures            Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 point to our time. If these days are not cut short this world would come to an end either by our own extinction or that it would become so corrupt and wicked that there would be no one alive that could be saved (found worthy to enter heaven).

   I would like to share with you all something I had learned some twelve years ago concerning a prophecy in Daniel. I have waited all that time to see it begin and just this year I can say that the wait is finally over. In Daniel 2:31-45 tells us of a dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had and which God revealed to him of what would come after Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom as well as what would be here when the Kingdom of Heaven is established here on earth.

   We are told through the interpretation given that the Head of Gold stood for Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom and from that point on historically we know now the following kingdoms that would follow his own. Chest and Arms of Silver we know was the Kingdom of the Medes and the Persians that arose after the fall of Babylon. Also the arms represented the two parts of that kingdom, the Medes and the Persians. Then came the Grecian Empire lead by Alexander the Great, represented by the Belly and Thighs of Brass, who was followed by the Roman Empire, the Legs of Iron.

   I believe most people Christian or not know the order of these world powers. It is the feet which will be around when God’s Kingdom is established. The feet are what I am going to focus on for I feel they are the most misunderstood part of the Image and I think it has become that way because the misconception started in the legs of the Image. We have always looked at the Legs of Iron as the Roman Empire while it was in its singular state, but the Roman Empire was divided into two separate Empires, one was the Western Roman Empire and the other the Eastern Roman Empire. Though historically we know that this happened we have failed to apply that to the TWO LEGS of the image. Twelve years ago when my wife and I were studying Daniel 2 that we realized that we had overlooked such a small, but very important part of the dream which would affect the meaning of the Feet of Iron and Clay. If the Legs of Iron were the Western and Eastern Empires, then that would mean the Feet of Iron and Clay would represent those two empires again, they just won’t be as solid and unified as those back in the day.

   While everyone has been focusing on the Western Empire of Rome today, that would be Europe. I have been waiting for the emergence of the Eastern Empire for twelve years. I believe the wait is over, we are witnessing the beginning of its rise to power this year. The Arab Spring that we have seen on the news is what I have waited for all these years to see come about. There is much still to be done, but the actions for its rise has been set in motion. These two would be Kingdoms that will not be as solidified as all those before them, but they do give us a time frame as to how far along we are in the scheme of things.

   So let us continue to stay awake and keep watch as Jesus commanded us to do in Mark 13:34-37.

   These two kingdoms will play another prophetic role, but that is for another time.