Where Is the United States in Prophecy?


Frequently the question is asked, where is the United States in the Bible? What does the Bible have to say about the greatest and most blessed country that has ever existed? Surely it must be mentioned to some extent. The answer is this: The Bible has much to say about the United States and her sister nation, Great Britain. It also has much to say about all the Christian countries, especially the English speaking ones. The source of much of what we will study is a booklet published in 2008 by the Living Church of God titled The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.

What is most interesting is that this booklet relates to our country and our time. It relies on the Bible to show why we are who we are, how and why we are what we are, and what the future holds for us and related countries. It does not talk about some time in the distant future. It talks about times that quite possibly will be in our own lifetimes or those of our children.

Itís a remarkable story that relates to what God has promised to people that obey Him and people that donít. To people that have been mightily blessed and then turn their mighty blessings into a mighty curse. Itís a story of a wonderful future obtained at a horrific price. Itís a story that many people have read but few people have understood. So letís get started.

From the table of contents the study is broken down into six sessions.

1.     Preface: The Lost Master Key ----- Found!

2.     Ezekielís Dramatic Vision

3.     Ancient Promises Are Made

4.     Israelís Captivity and Lost Identity

5.     The Birthright Promises Are Fulfilled

6.     The Coming Restoration

I will read much of the booklet interspersed with observations and comments. After we have completed all six sections we will begin a study of Church history as compiled by A.N. Dugger and C.O. Dodd. As we go through their presentation you will understand why I have consistently claimed that we are not a Protestant Church as it is commonly understood. You will see that there has always existed a Sabbath keeping, Christ professing people that not only had nothing to do with the Catholic Church but was in fact greatly persecuted by it. But for now letís see how the United States is portrayed in Bible prophecy.

1.     Preface: The Lost Master Key ----- Found!

Read about the dispersion in 2 Kings 17 and show the maps.