Walking the Walk

Bible Version Ė KJV

Will You Walk Away?

†† Unless you can somehow isolate yourself from the world and the people in it, sooner or later you will face some kind of misfortune, persecution, scorn, ridicule or any number of things. Thatís not even taking in consideration the choice we make as being a follower of Jesus Christ. Secular people at times consider those that follow Christ as using him as a crutch or that those people are weak, someone that can be pushed around. What I find funny is that it takes someone the total opposite of those things to follow Him. We have to live a life that is contrary to the world we live in as well as take on added responsibilities and conduct that we willingly accept as believers.

†† That is why today I wanted to bring up a scripture which in itself was a very difficult situation that his disciples faced and many even gave up following Jesus after spending time and hearing and seeing the things he had done. The scripture I am speaking of is in John 6:30-71. At face value what Jesus was saying would be very hard to take if we ONLY look at it from the physical aspect and not the spiritual in which he intended it to be taken. When I had read this scripture in the past I had thought, yeah I would have a problem with what Jesus said too if what he spoke of was something physical. If I knew not what I know now and lived back then and heard Jesus say those words. I think I would have walked away as well if I took it literally.

†† I bring all this up for one reason alone. If we come across something in the Bible that we may not like to hear or if we face some hardship because of what we believe, are we going to pack up our things and walk away as many of His disciples did or will we stand up and not shrink back from our commitment.

†† We have to make our walk with Jesus our own. We should never base it upon someone else or even a religion. Our relationship that we have with God is supposed to be our own. In the end we are judged not by anyone else but by our own choices. Our world that we live in has progressively grown more and more immoral and selfish with people focus more on what you can get then what you can do to help, and all those temptations that you face continuously makes it more and more important for us to take to heart Jesusí words in Matthew 7:24-27. With all that we face in this world we truly need to a strong foundation to survive.

†† I want to briefly talk about a few people from the Old Testament that had face trials of their own an in the face of them they stood strong in what they believe and did not back done in what they had to face and face it alone.

†† Take Noah as the first example, he had to build an ark on land and preach of the coming destruction of the world for one hundred years (He was 500 years old when he had his three sons and began building the Ark and was 600 years old when the flood waters came). I am sure he had faced many taunts and ridicule from the people around him and I would bet that people came from far away just to see and laugh at him. Word probably spread like wild fire about some crazy boat building preacher.

†† What about Abraham and what God asked of him to do. Just think would you be able to do what he had done and was willing to do? God had asked him to sacrifice his own son like some lamb as an offering. He had plenty of time to back out of it or walk away, for he had to gather up the wood and travel to the spot to make ready for the sacrifice. Also his own son had to be willing to go along with it as well or he could have struggled or even ran away thinking there is no way Iím letting my father tie me up and kill me.

†† Then there is Job, he had lost everything and even suffered physical affliction for his faith and belief in God. Not only that, but he had to face it on his own as well with so called friends constantly arguing and berating him. Thatís not even the kicker of it, this all came about because of Gods own bragging of Job to Satan. It became a challenge to see who was right in the reasoning of Jobís faithfulness. Job stuck it out and proved Satan wrong. Jobís account brings to mind Peterís words in John 6:68, ďLord, to whom shall I go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.Ē

†† So, when hard times do arise and when people come against us, let us be strong, determined and faith as these three men of God where when they faced their trials and tribulations. Let us not be like so many of Jesusí Disciples that walked away.