Your Land, My Land, Godís Land


You donít have to be a rocket scientist, intellectual elite, rich or famous, politically connected or religiously gifted to see that the United States is in decline. Some would say we are in a death spiral. The two big questions are how we got to be where we are and more importantly, how can we get to where we should be. The slide presentation I will show you today is a good start to understanding the answers to both of those questions.


As Christians we understand the need for repentance but repentance means we accept blame. In my opinion Christians share a great deal of blame for the decline in America. Not because of what we believe but because we have not practiced what we preach and have not stood up to evil as we should. As a free country with the ability to select our leaders and as a country with an overwhelming majority of Christ professing people we should be and would be in much better shape if we lived for Jesus and stood firm on our values. And insisted those we ask to lead do the same.


This PowerPoint presentation called Citizenship Sunday Message PowerPoint is from and is part of an entire series of materials designed to get Americaís Christians to change our culture by standing up for their values and by placing leaders in government offices through their votes.


Letís take a look.